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Evidence. Exhibit F: The Witness.
by Faith Church on December 9th, 2023
Sermon-Based Small GroupTitle: Evidence. Exhibit F: The Witness.Theme:  Personal Evangelism.Get to Know Me: Where did you go to find adventure as a kid?Into the Bible Questions:Acts 8:1-12Why do you think this persecution motivated the church to share Jesus more?In verse 4, what do you think “preaching everywhere they went”, looked like?Has God ever done anything supernatural through you?  Explain...  Read More
Evidence. Exhibit E: Change.
by Faith Church on October 24th, 2023
Theme:  The Transformation of a Believer’s Life.Get to Know Me: What is a hard-learned lesson from your life?Into the Bible Questions:John 3:16-21Describe how God’s love has changed your life.If God loves us so much, why would we have to reveal our shameful habits?How do you know if someone hates the Light?Who is God going to judge and not judge?Exposing the Real Issues in Our LivesEphesians 5:6-1...  Read More
Evidence. Exhibit D: Your Generosity.
by Faith Church on October 24th, 2023
Theme: The Heart Issue of Money.Get to Know Me: What is the most unique thing you have every ordered online or had to go shopping to find?Into the Bible Questions:2 Corinthians 9:6-15Tell of a time you where you felt led to give? How did you feel afterwards?Tell of a time where you regret not giving? How did you feel afterwards?Why do you think our attitude matters when it comes to giving?What are...  Read More
Evidence: Exhibit C: Your Love Life.
by Faith Church on October 24th, 2023
Sermon-Based Small GroupTitle: Evidence. Exhibit C: Your Love Life.Theme:  Is There enough evidence of proving you guilty of being a Christian?Get to Know Me: How would you describe your favorite meal — appetizer, drink, entree and/or dessert?Into the Bible Questions:Deuteronomy 11:1-15Why does obedience to God signify as love for God?Can someone love God and live in disobedience to Him?  Explain...  Read More
by Faith Church on October 24th, 2023
Title: EvidenceTheme:  Exhibit B: A Relationship.Get to Know Me: What is one spiritual tradition you have or always have wanted to have in your life or family?Into the Bible Questions:Romans 3:19-31What does the word “Law” mean?What is the purpose of the “Law” in this passage?What are the distinctions between people who live by the Law and those who live by faith?How would you describe your faith;...  Read More
Exhibit A What Does it Mean to be Saved? | EVIDENCE
by Donald (DJ) Galade on October 24th, 2023
Sermon-Based Small GroupTitle: EvidenceTheme:  Exhibit A: What Does it Mean to be Saved?Get to Know Me: As you grow older, what is one quality you hope to retain (besides a sound mind)?Into the Bible Questions:Ephesians 1:3-14How do you think God’s predestination works?  Does this mean that some people have no chance to be saved? Why or why not?According to this passage, list what happens to thos...  Read More
by Faith Church on October 24th, 2023
Sermon-Based Small GroupTitle: EvidenceTheme:  What Does it Mean to be Saved?Get to Know Me: What is the story behind the time you went the longest without sleep?Into the Bible Questions:Matthew 7:15-27How can you tell the difference between something that is genuine or fake?Why do you think people try to portray something that they are not?What does God see in people that people don’t see in them...  Read More