Crossover from Death to Life

Crossover 9/23/2020 THE BIG IDEA Crossover from Death to Life THE BIBLE John 5:24 QUESTION: Does anyone know our primary verse for our Youth Ministry? “Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged...

Rock and a Hard Place- Crossover 9-16-2020

Rock and a Hard Place Circumstances that Force Us to Trust God (or not) Crossover 9/16/2020THE BIG IDEA Hard Choices Are an Opportunity to Trust GodTHE BIBLE Matthew 7:24-27A Rock and a Hard Place Circumstances that Force Us to Trust God (or not)  INTRO: Have you ever...

Squad Up: Stand Strong

SQUAD UP: Stand Strong Crossover 9/8/2020THE BIG IDEA We can stand strong together.THE BIBLE Ephesians 6:10–20Have you ever gone roller skating? It's not as easy as you might think! When people go roller skating, they sometimes think holding hands with a friend will...

Domesticating God

Throughout history, humans have desired to control their environment. We are innately afraid of the unknown. So we seek comfort, security, consistency. We grew tired of searching and hunting for food so we invented agriculture. We saw a way for more efficient work and utilized animals. In the industrial revolution, we made even further strides in making work both easier and faster. But, do we do this with God?

Crossover September Newsletter

Greetings! I am excited to write to you parents/guardians regarding all the exciting things coming up for Crossover Youth! OUR SERIES THIS MONTH: We are still working through SQUAD UP: A SERIES FROM EPHESIANS ON FRIENDSHIP. SERIES OVERVIEW:...


Sal’s Blog 9-9-2020

Have you ever signed up for a free trial of anything? A 3 day trial a one week or one month trial….maybe a free year… Why do you think they do things like that? What is a trial? A trial is a test of the performance, qualities, or suitability of something. So we test...

Sal’s Blog 8/21

Wednesday Men’s Thought So as I began reading about different types of fights I began to see a parallel to how we respond to fights… Listen to this I found on the internet…some guy writing about his thoughts on different fights 1.The dominance display sometimes goes...

Sal’s Blog 7.8.2020

Wednesday Men’s Thought   I was thinking about the idea of remembering…reflecting on things on life on past events on memories of loved ones…. I remember during the dog days of summer laying in the grass…looking up at the sky and clouds…. I started to think about...

Sal’s Blog 6.24.2020

Wednesday Men’s Thought   I remember growing up I always felt my dad was good…we had an incredible yard…fenced in with a pool and he had a 10 stall garage…he had cars bikes motorcycles…we had a big old tree with a rope swing… Do these things help you to be a good...

Sal’s Blog 6/10/2020

Wednesday Men’s Thought   Have you ever done a trust fall with a brother or friend…did they catch you… How about a young relationship, you got involved and your trust got violated… It can be hard to trust after getting hurt especially in areas of vulnerability...

Sal’s Blog 6.3

Wednesday Men’s Thought   What is love? Love is mentioned over 300 times in the Bible When I ask myself that question, I think of those little comic strips that say love is…a cup of coffee or a ray of sunshine…. What do you think of love? What do you think that...

Sal’s Blog 5.13.2020

Wednesday Men’s Thought   I woke up the other day thinking why sheep and not goats… I decided to research the differences…I found that only the Shepherd can easily distinguish the difference between them.  Sheep and goats are almost identical… Lets read Matthew...

Sal’s Blog 5.7.2020

Wednesday Night Men’s Thought A powerful thing in our lives is our emotions… The most powerful emotion in our lives is fear… Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous… likely to cause pain…or a threat. One of the enemy’s...

Sal’s Blog 4.29

Wednesday Night Men’s Thought Do you like playing games? Are you a gamer? There are many different types of games…video games, board games, word games, card games… Why do we like to play games… could it be because we like to win… How do we determine if we win or lose...

Sal’s Blog 4.22

Wednesday Men’s Thought   So many great memories many of us have of our brothers and reminders that show us the impact that a brother can have in our lives… Why are brothers an important part of our lives? How has a brother blood or otherwise impacted your life?...


Meets Wednesdays at 7:00 PM


We strive to offer your children an atmosphere where they can have fun, where they can be safe, and where they can learn and experience the love of God. 

AGES 0-4

AGES 4-5




CrossOver is a youth ministry that offers a youth church service each week, small groups, special events, missions trips, and leadership experiences. CrossOver’s mission is to connect students to Christ, to help students grow in their walk with Christ, and to reach the lost!




Being a “young adult” can look very different; maybe you’re in college. Maybe you’re in the workforce. You could be married., single, or engaged. Maybe you have kids. You might live on your own, or with a roommate, in a dorm, or you may still be living with your family. The thing that connects us is JESUS.

AGES 18-29




It’s time to be different. As iron sharpens iron we will ask and answer the question and dilemmas facing men today. This journey of life is not meant to be traveled alone. So together we will laugh in the good times and tough it out in the bad. But know this, no one is alone here. We are our brother’s keepers. So take a deep breath and get in and enjoy the ride with us.




Find your place to fit in, to grow, and to strengthen your relationship with the Lord in any season of your life! Seasons Women’s Ministry is designed to support all women as they follow God’s plan for their lives. You have have many titles: daughter, sister, wife, mom, friend… but always remember your best title: child of God!




We invite you to come out for a time of food, fellowship and fun as we grow deeper in the word of God and deeper in the friendships we form in this group.




9:00 AM | Drive-In Service

10:45 AM | In-Person Service

6:00 PM | Prayer



Bi-weekly  7:00 PM | Crossover Youth Next Level Small Group (All Campuses)



7:00 PM | Bible Studies/ Clubhouse Kids/   Crossover Youth/ Young Adults



1:00 PM | Forever Friends Senior Adult Small Group



6:30 PM | Men’s Small Group




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6:00 PM | Evening Service


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