Memorial donations

Memorial Christmas Poinsettias
Jerry Kotsur for Lenore Kotsur
David and Nancy Zimmerman for Pat and Peggy Fudge
Michael Blanyar for Karen Blanyar
Jim and Missy Frye for Joy Lynne Decker
Stephanie Murphy for Wilmer Yost
Rodney Murphy for Jim Murphy

Memorial Easter Lilies Name of Contributor                                                 In memory of
Mr. & Mrs. Longo                                Parents

Michael & Tina Scarlato                           Madelene Scarlato & Celeste Denoia
Anonymous                                     Our Parents

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Maskowski                         Our Fathers

Jeffery Wagner                                  Debbie Wagner

Tina & Donna Wing                               Madelyn Roote & Bud Wing
Family                                         Alex & Genevieve Bubrowski

Maureen Mosser                                Rose, Mom, Dad, & Joe

Bill and Joanne Coolbaugh                         Sammy

Memorial Easter Lilies
Name of contributor                      In memory of

Hoffman family                                 Kathryn Hoffman
Mike & Jessie Lunney                     my Dad, James A. Woolbert
Chris & Amanda Harris                   John LaGreca
Gail Omolecki                                    Parents & Brother
Children, Grandchildren
& Great Grandchildren                  Robert & Theresa Snyder
Bill & Joanne Coolbaugh                               Sammy
Steven Kiddish                                  Kyle Kiddish
Steven Kiddish                                  Jonathan Kiddish
Steven Kiddish                                  Michael Kiddish

  • Memorial Donations Emily Jones & Brad Sparks sent Nanticoke Faith Church a memorial gift in honor of Mike Okitisuk.
  • In Loving Memory of Don Miller, Linda Paisley, and Doug Powell from John & Karen Magula
  • In Loving Memory of Jerry Catina Sr. from Scott & Lisa Knect
  • In Loving Memory of Deborah Wagner from Ruth Goose
  • In Loving Memory of Gene S. Gerhard from William & Ellen Blaine, Margaret Nelmes, Aimee Sterenchock, The Women's Power League, Janet & Bill Hallock, & Terry & Nancy Younker
  • In Loving Memory of Miriam Trotta from John & Karen Magula
  • In Loving Memory of Steuart Nelmes from John & Karen Magula , Vincenette Skotek, Patrica Dougherty, Marie & Doreen Prete, Jerry & Lenore Kotsur, George Gunzerath, Jr., Tim & Lucille Scarpati, Janalee Antolick, Larry & Cheryl Antolick, Jerry & Gail Kroll, David & Gerogine Wynne, Louis & Cyndi Pantages, Kellyn Schoch, Charles & Sharon Pedri, Joann Shimanski, Charlotte Frederick, Ken & Lori Viechec, Antonio Rodriguez, Lorraine Smith, Anthony Yackimowicz & Maryann, Michael & Lynn Martine, Ron, Carol, & Theresa Synder, Carol Lisiewski, and Anonymous
  • In Loving Memory of T. G. McLaughlin from Don & Elaine Lombardo
  • In Loving Memory of Nancy Suvacar from Radoslav and Mirjana Suvacar
  • David and Alice Steiner gave a memorial donation to Operation Blessing Food Pantry in honor of Robin Jayne Bohanan

Memorial Christmas Poinsettias Donations
  • Bill & Joanne Coolbaugh in memory of their son, Sammy.
  • Ren & Barbara Pelszynski in memory of their son, Renny.

Memorial Easter Lily Donations
  • In Loving Memory of Lisa Roberson from John Rweigand
  • In Loving Memory of Ryan Peterko from Charlie & Dianna Raup
  • In Loving Memory of Mr & Mrs Bradley Fisher, Sr. from Bradley Fisher, Jr.
  • In Loving Memory of our parents & brother from Jim & Jody Wasser
  • In Loving Memory of Simonette DeBalko from Albert Lombardo
  • In Loving Memory of family from Denise Cheesman