The Name Above all Names

The Name Above all Names

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Haven’t the turn of events in our world been something to behold recently? No one could have anticipated the events we have witnessed. The world carries a mysterious and often detestable flavor. But this morning I am reminded of the unfailing presence and provision of our Father. Through the many mountain and valley experiences of His children He has revealed His faithful heart to us.

            Today I thought it would be appropriate to revisit the highlights of the His story and the ever-present hand of God through each chapter. What better way to start this day than to be reminded of His tender care.

            From Creation to Revelation we behold Your sovereignty, oh God. You pen the lives of men upon a holy scroll and unfold it like a banner for all to see. Your glory is ever around us and we want to take a moment to honor Your faithfulness and remember the provision over Your children.  

            At creation You laid the foundations of the earth and suspended them in the heavens. No human eye can determine its cornerstone nor the anchor on which You set a support. Yet the earth moves with calculated precision in harmony with all the other planets suspended in the stratosphere. You are Elohim ~ God Creator.

            In the mystery of Your workings You created a pinnacle ~ one that stands head and shoulders above all the rest ~ a man called Adam and from his rib a woman called Eve. They lived in the luxury of a perfect garden. And You came to enjoy sweet intimacy with the first couple in Your secret garden. You are Abba ~ Daddy.

            But You were betrayed. It began with the fruit of a forbidden tree. From that time forward events spiraled. Your beautiful creation was infected with a disease called sin, a birth initiated by the evil one that created an unbreakable cycle. Man bore distortions that were never meant to be. He acted in abominable ways. Such shame he brought upon the earth. At the height of sin’s ugliness Sodom and Gomorrah became synonymous with perversion and rebellion. Such heinous behavior was intolerable. So You sent a flood and cleansed the earth of all unrighteousness. You are Jehovah Tsidkenu ~ the God of Righteousness.

            Through it all You always made a way for the faithful. For every chapter in eternity a remnant remained. We see this in men and women like, Noah, Abram, Jacob, Esther, Ruth, Deborah, Moses, David, and Solomon. Though imperfect, You forgave their shortcomings and set each of them apart for a specific assignment. You are Yahweh-M’Kaddesh ~ the God who sanctifies and makes holy.

            One story on life’s timeline stands out as particularly adventurous. You used ominous colors to paint sorrow and pain but in the climatic end You changed Your brushstrokes to bring forth a sweeping victory. The lead in this story was merely a boy. He was pampered, his father’s favorite. But under a coat of many colors You saw a leader of a nation and the means to save Your people Israel. So You kidnapped him from his privileged life and sent him to a foreign land with a blank slate and a new identity. Through impossible twists You brought Joseph from the prison to the palace. He rose to govern the land that once held him hostage. Through him You spared a nation from total genocide. You are Jehovah Rohi ~ The Lord our Shepherd.

            The greatest story You penned, however, came when You transitioned from the Old to the New Testament. In an inconspicuous manger You transformed Yourself into a tiny babe. Born of a virgin woman You came to save Your creation from eternal destruction. Your earthly name – Jesus, Yahweh saves.

            And through Your earthly life You experienced hands that cared for You, hearts that would do anything for You, homes that eagerly opened for You. But You also experienced words that insulted You, systems that abused You, and men who crucified You. As the sacrificial lamb who takes away the sins of the world You laid Yourself upon the canvas of God’s scroll and became the greatest story ever told. You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life and through You we have found the way to everlasting life. You are Jehovah Jireh ~ The Lord who provides.

            And as life continues to unfold in these darkened times, we will hold close to You for You will keep us from stumbling. You are the Light that shines forth in the darkness. Darkness can hide nothing from You. You are El Roi ~ the God who sees.

            In times of unrest You are the One who brings peace to our hearts. You are Jehovah Shalom ~ The Lord of peace.

            You are our Warrior King who is coming soon to make straight all crooked path. Your will shall be done upon the earth that You have created. You are Yahweh Sabaoth ~ the Lord of Hosts, God of the Angel Armies

            You are ~
            The Most High ~ El Elyon
            The Everlasting God ~ El-Olam
            You are mighty ~ El Gibhor
     You are YHWH ~ Yahweh!

            It is You who writes our stories. It is You we put our trust in, Lord God. It is You we honor with faithful hearts. Lay Your holy quill upon the scroll of our lives and write as You will for no other is more trustworthy or able. We step into the future with steadfast trust in You, YHWH.

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