First Fruits May 2023

First Fruits May 2023

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5:10 a.m. I woke up whispering prayers to the King. I set my alarm earlier than normal so I could spend more time with Him. A song played in my mind as I whispered to Him. When I went to my prayer space, I put in earbuds and played the song that was singing in my heart. Without disrupting others, I was lost in the lyrics.

Holy, surrounded by holy. There’s no one more holy. I’m in wonder and awe. In wonder and awe…

I immersed myself in worship for I don’t know how long.

Suddenly all of the chaos, the evil workings of the world, the enemy and his following, could not reach me. For I was in the all-consuming, immensely powerful presence of a holy God who is far greater than all of these. All I wanted to do was honor Him in worship and praise. He is my #1!
What a precious privilege to enter the throne room before the Lamb of God! With highest praises, gratitude flows from a heart completely consumed by HIs Majesty!

Oh Friends! He is so great a God!

Darest we look upon the world and render it more powerful than He? No! He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! He is an all-consuming fire! He is the Great I Am who sits upon a mighty throne, the earth and all therein is his footstool. He laughs at the foolish workings of men for they are but dust at his feet! And as such is blown to nothing with one breath from his nostrils!

Is there any power that renders Jesus powerless? Heaven forbid that we should give men more credit than we give King Jesus!

This Thursday is National Day of Prayer. Please mark this day on your calendars. I have an appointment with the King, and I invite you to join me. We will bring before Him the foolishness of men. The unrighteous workings of the devil will be laid at Jesus’ feet. And as we come before Him to pursue His ways upon the earth, we will watch as He dashes the sinful acts of men against the rocks shattering them into dust.

May I remind you that we live in a covenant country. This ground we stand upon was dedicated to God, and it belongs to Him. Take it back, Lord! The enemy cannot have America!

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