Crossover Apologetics Series: Advocates

Crossover Apologetics Series: Advocates

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I am super excited to announce our new series on apologetics.

Advocates considers what it means for youth to hold firm to biblical convictions and still engage in humble dialogue with the culture around us. Join Sean McDowell, a leading apologetics and worldview author, and AwanaYM in this new high school apologetics curriculum study for students.

Also, here is a list of topics covered by this course.
We may not hit them all, so if there are any that are important to you that you would like us to go over, please let me know!
Unit 1
1.1- Apologetics
: 1 Peter 3:15-16
Christians need to be ready to share the reasons for their beliefs.

1.2- Faith: John 20:30-31
Understanding biblical faith enables me to relate to God more deeply and accurately.

1.3- Truth: John 3:21
Knowing and following truth leads to genuine freedom.

1.4- Logic: Ephesians 4:14-15
Mature faith requires clear and logical thinking

Unit 2
2.1- Worldviews:
Romans 12:2
Worldviews address the foundational, life-shaping questions about reality.

2.2- Naturalism: Ecclesiastes 12:13-14
Naturalism is the worldview that the physical universe alone exists, with no supernatural influences.

2.3- Pantheism: Acts 17:24-25
Pantheism is the worldview that everything is divine with no Creator distinct from creation.

2.4- Monotheism: Romans 1:20
Monotheism is the worldview that one, personal God created everything.

Unit 3
3.1- Science: Psalm 119:89-91
Science does not contradict faith, but lays a crucial foundation for understanding the world.

3.2- Universe: Psalm 8:3-4
The fine tuning of the laws that govern the universe are best explained as the product of Intelligent Design.

3.3- DNA: Psalm 139:13-14
The information in DNA is best explained as the product of Intelligent Design.

3.4- Designer: Psalm 19:1-2
The complex patterns of the universe are best explained as the work of an intelligent designer.

Unit 4
4.1- Morality: Romans 2:14-15
Objective morality points to a moral law giver.

4.2- Beauty: Isaiah 33:17
Objective beauty points to a divine artist.

4.3- Agency: Matthew 7:24-25
Human agency points to a supreme agent.

4.4- Story: Psalm 78:2-4
Human storytelling points to a creative author.

Unit 5
5.1- Miracles: Psalm 77:13-14
Miracles are both possible and verifiable.

5.2- Resurrection: 1 Corinthians 15:5-7
The resurrection of Jesus is a historically corroborated event supported by numerous and early sources.

5.3- Deity: John 10:30-33
Jesus uniquely claimed to be God and provided compelling evidence.

5.4- Apostles: Acts 4:18-20
The Apostles' willingness to suffer and die shows the depth and sincerity of their testimony.

Unit 6
6.1- Texts: 2 Timothy 2:2
Numerous and early manuscripts help establish the reliable transmission of the New Testament.

6.2- Archaeology: Luke 3:1-2
The archaeological record helps establish the historicity of Scripture.

6.3- Prophecy: Isaiah 53:5
Fulfilled prophecy helps establish the divine nature of Scripture.

6.4- Authority: Matthew 4:4
The Scriptures serve as the ultimate and authoritative source for life and faith.

Unit 7
7.1- Evil: Genesis 18:25
Properly understood, evil implies an objective standard grounded in the character of God.

7.2- Falsehood: James 1:13
There is no logical contradiction between the character of God and the existence of evil.

7.3- Suffering: Genesis 50:20
God participates in our suffering, using it to direct the course of human history.

7.4- Hell: Luke 13:23-30, Mark 9:42-48, Matthew 22:1-14
Hell is the tragic consequence of human rejection of God's free gift of salvation.

Unit 8
8.1- Love: Luke 10:36-37
True love is being totally committed to the betterment of another person even when difficult.

8.2- Questions: Proverbs 20:5
Good questions open the door for meaningful spiritual conversations.

8.3- Doubt: Matthew 11:4-5
Doubt can serve as an opportunity to discover truth more deeply and trust God more fully.

8.4- Challenges: Colossians 4:5-6
God calls us to lovingly speak the truth that transforms lives.
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