Brother Phileo, Father Agape

Brother Phileo, Father Agape

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For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
                                                                                      John 3:16 NKJV

Phileo ~ brotherly love

Agape ~ unconditional love

Brother Phileo, you are the embodiment of brotherly love, and I appreciate the lessons you have taught me. You’ve trained me in inspiring ways. I have learned about laughter, friendship, and fun from you. You have taught me about compassion and loyalty. My heart has softened under your guidance. I can’t deny how much I appreciate you. But the truth is I need more than you have to offer. I need perfect love, love that is supernatural. Can I share something with you?

Allow me to introduce you to Father Agape. His ways leave me awestruck. There is no limit to the distance He will go. Agape pours Himself our on everyone. All things righteous blossom from His beautiful heart – things I want to see blossom in my own. His love never hinges on the actions of others. He’s far too committed to His love to let others influence His passion. He never strikes back when others hurt him. His forgiveness never runs dry. He stands firm when others falter. He is rock solid, and yet He is as gentle as a lamb. Father Agape’s ways are not easy, Phileo. His love is relentless regardless of the personal cost.

I’d like to share His backstory with you, Brother Phileo. Once you hear this you’ll understand why I need Him so.

Father Agape’s Kingdom sits high atop all of creation. His paradise home exists outside of time. In this Kingdom called Heaven, Father Agape created many living beings that provide the finishing touches to His beautiful home ~ powerful angels, holy elders, creatures unimaginable ~ all a part of a land so serene and yet so overwhelmingly stunning. In this Kingdom Father Agape has one begotten Son. He is a Royal Prince who bears peace like a humble cloak. His name is Jesus.

In His Kingdom Father Agape created one angel who stood out above all the others. There was none more breathtaking than Lucifer. But his beauty distorted his perspective. His obsession let him to devise a plan to overtake the Kingdom of Heaven. He gathered one third of heaven’s angels to join the ranks of his evil establishment. But Father Agape intercepted his evil plan and Satan (Lucifer) along with all of his dark angels were cast out of heaven and into the earthly realm.

Satan then looked for an alternate evil plan. He found a crevice through the only man and woman that Agape created on the earth. He successfully invaded their perfect world and spread darkness everywhere. All things whole became broken. All things pure defiled. Father Agape’s creation was poisoned. The man and woman that Agape created became strays subject to darkness. All Men and women who came after them followed in the same wandering footsteps in the land of lost souls.

Tragically the sin born out of Satan’s deceptive plan separated Father Agape from His beloved children. His heart was broken as He watched His children abiding under a dark cloud of sin. His children needed to be rescued. They needed a divine plan.

And this is where Father Agape shines brighter than you, Brother Phileo. In order to ransom Agape’s children someone had to serve the sentence for the crimes of the earth. Someone had to pay the price for the high cost of sin. True to Father Agape’s glorious nature He set an unreasonable plan in motion to rescue His children. It was through this plan that Heaven suffered a horrible devastation. Only One possessed the purity that would cover the sins of the entire world ~ Agape’s only begotten Son, Jesus, who is the full embodiment of Agape Himself.

The King’s Son willingly stood to His feet and stepped down from His throne. He removed the glorious crown from His head and took off His royal robes. He dressed Himself in human skin and made His way to the womb of a humble virgin.

            For thirty-three years the earth shared her soil with the King of Glory disguised as a man. It took the better part of His life to prepare the ransom required to save the world from eternal separation from His Father. The final chapter of the Sweet Prince’s life found Him scarcely recognizable as darkness tortured a Glorious Savior who had been violently nailed to a cross. Only His spilled blood could pay the ransom for a lost world. Only Agape would allow the sacrifice of His only begotten Son.

And while Jesus poured Himself out to save the world, Heaven reeled in anguish. Father Agape’s heart was brutally assaulted as He watched His only begotten Son writhe in pain, cloaked in heinous darkness. Agape’s plan to save a lost world sent shockwaves through the entire Kingdom of Heaven. The depth of Agape is unfathomable, immeasurable.

Brother Phileo, no one will ever know how painful it was for Father Agape to send His Beautiful Son as a ransom, but His love is surely demonstrated in the extreme measures He takes. Because of Father Agape’s sacrifice, multitudes are graphed into His royal family from the four corners of the earth. The strays found a home cradled in unconditional love and eternal security.

Brother Phileo, there will come a day when time will pass away. Father Agape will create a new heaven and earth and His Kingdom will never be disrupted again. All things that fall short will be abolished. The love we practice now will be perfected then. But, Brother Phileo, you won’t be there. Only the finest will be present. Only Love perfected will abide in the Kingdom of Heaven.  So no matter the pain I may suffer, I will choose Agape over you because, in the end, I want to look just like my Father.

Question to Ponder
            How far, how wide, how deep will your love for God and others go?