Who is God?

Who is God?

Who is God? The word “God” can mean a lot of alternative things to a lot of different people. Say “god” to a Hindu, and they would reply, “Which one?” To someone with New Age beliefs, “god” is just a force in the universe, like gravity. Even the Islamic faith calls their deity “god.” So when Christians use the word, what, or who exactly, do they mean?

Who is God?

In Deuteronomy 6:4, the Bible says, “The Lord our God, the Lord is one.” In our English Old Testament, the word “Lord” is often the Hebrew word Yahweh. When He revealed Himself to Moses, Yahweh is the name God used to refer to Himself (Exodus 3:15).

The Bible doesn’t deny the existence of other spiritual beings but states that Yahweh alone should be our God. He alone should be worshiped (Exodus 34:14).

Scripture Claims that Yahweh Alone is:

Eternally Self-Existing

Genesis 1:1 says that in the beginning, God created… Something important is revealed by the fact that God exists before anything is made. God doesn’t have a beginning or a creator. He is the uncaused cause. There was no point before He existed because He always was. God has no end. God exists outside of time because He created time. When He revealed Himself to Moses, He said He was “I AM.” He is the ultimate being in whom all others find their being.

All Creating

God created everything good. There is nothing that exists that God did not make. God even created the potential for adaptation and change.


Although the things God created can change, God Himself never does. From Genesis to Revelation, God’s nature and purpose are the same. From before time began till long after it ends.

All Powerful

God can do anything, yet since He is unchanging, He always acts according to His nature. He always keeps His promises.


God knows the words, thoughts, and actions of every person who has ever existed or will ever exist. God knows how every event will play out already. God knows everything.

Beyond Our Understanding.

We can know God only to the degree He has revealed Himself.

Always Present

God is everywhere at all times.

Completely Holy

Unique and separate from everything, having unblemished purity.



God Cannot be Tempted by Evil

God’s Plans Can’t be Stopped

God Cannot Lie

God is Merciful and Graceful

God is Love

God is Revealed in the Person of Jesus


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