Crossover - SHARE


Be a Witness


Matthew 28:19-20


We have a great responsibility to SHARE Jesus with people, but SAVING them is not our job.

God is not asking you to save anyone, know all the answers, or get it right every time.

That’s His job. That’s what Jesus did, and what the Holy Spirit will do.

He is just looking for us to be simply obedient and tell other people about Jesus.
How do we do that?
There are many ways, and there is freedom to be creative. Regardless of our approach, I think there are three basic ingredients that must be a part of it. That’s what we are going to focus on for the rest of our time.

  1. SHARE your interests
  2. SHARE your lives
  3. SHARE your faith


  • What has God done for you?
  • What was it like BEFORE God did that?
  • What is it like AFTER?
  • SHARE the craziest thing that has happened to you recently.
  • What experiences have you had that can help you identify with others?
  • What is something you are interested in that other people are as well?
  • What activities do you share with others?
  • What has God done for you, personally?
  • What is something you learned about God recently?
  • What is something crazy you have seen God do?
  • Why do you love Jesus?