Sal’s Blog 6/10/2020

Wednesday Men’s Thought

Have you ever done a trust fall with a brother or friend…did they catch you…
How about a young relationship, you got involved and your trust got violated…
It can be hard to trust after getting hurt especially in areas of vulnerability like love…

What is trust?

Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

What are the elements of trust?
  • Positive relationships
  • Good judgment/expertise
  • Consistency

Is trust an emotion or feeling?
Trust is a thing…it doesn’t exist like something physical but it is no doubt a real thing.
Trust can be broken…it can be built…it can be lost…it can be valuable…it is a promise of something being
held for you…it is faith in something or someone…

Are there levels of trust?
The three basic levels of trust are…

Rules-based trust…there are rules to prevent one person from taking advantage of or harming another.
We have contracts that ensure one party can trust another to hold up their end of the bargain. Most
places have policies and procedures that provide boundaries for how we interact and treat each other
and if we violate these policies, we usually have consequences to face.

Knowledge based trust… I have enough experience with you and knowledge of your behavior that I
believe I can trust you, and have a pretty good idea of how you will react and behave in relationship
with me. This is the level we have with most of our day to day professional relationships.

The most intimate level of trust we experience in relationships is called identity-based trust. This level of
trust means you know my hopes, dreams, goals, ambitions, fears, and doubts. I trust at this level
because over time I have increased my level of transparency and vulnerability and haven’t been taken
advantage of. You have proven to be loyal, understanding and accepting.
This level of trust is usually reserved for the most important people in our lives. Our spouse, children,
family and close friends.

So who in your life do you trust? To what level do you trust?
Have you been hurt trusting the wrong person?
Have you lost trust or have you been the cause of someone losing trust?
How did you grow through those experiences?
How do you regain trust after losing it? Can trust be regained after it is lost?
If the elements of trust are positive relationships/ good judgement and consistency who in your life
exhibits those traits?

The Bible tells us in many places about the One who fits the description…

Psalm 28:7
The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.
My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.
Psalm 20:7
Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.
Psalm 62:8
Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.
Isaiah 26:4
Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.

Can being trustworthy bring glory to God?
Can you be trustworthy but not be trusted?

I like to believe that to be a godly man one must be not only trustworthy but able to trust others even at
the risk of getting hurt…
What are your thoughts about trust?