Rock and a Hard Place

Rock and a Hard Place

Circumstances that Force Us to Trust God (or not)

Crossover 9/16/2020


Hard Choices Are an Opportunity to Trust God


Matthew 7:24-27


God didn't promise to save either of the builders from the storm. They both went through it; wise and foolish alike.

But the one who trusted God, stood firm. The one who didn’t collapsed.

Storms will come. There will be things in life we don't understand. Death, sickness, problems, financial issues, friendship betrayals, they all happen to all of us.

We aren’t immune. But, these hard choices are an opportunity to trust God.

And when we do, we will find ourselves on a firm foundation. Other times, we will see where we built on the sand, and have the opportunity to rebuild for next time. It’s a lifelong process, and it isn't always pleasant, but being in a relationship with the God who loves you and building a life built on Him will always be worth it.
  • What are some hard choices people have to make?
  • What’s a time you had to make a hard decision?
    • What choice did you make?
    • Was it the right choice, or the wrong one?
    • Why?
  • What are some hard choices you are facing now, or will face in the future?
    • How can you prepare for them?
  • What does having a foundation of sand look like?
    • When your trust is in a person or circumstance.
    • When you believe things about God or others that are not true.
  • What does a foundation of rock look like?
  • What do the storms of life look like?
  • How do we trust God?
    • What does that look like?