Because of who God is, we can take risks for others


Because of who God is, we can take risks for others


Esther 1-7; John 15:12-13 


Okay, let’s admit it: teenagers have a reputation for doing risky things. Whether it’s something harmless like suddenly and dramatically changing your hair, or something a little more reckless or rebellious, young people are more likely than adults to do risky things. But that’s not always a bad thing!

When we take the right kinds of risks for the right reasons, we can change the world for the better. Like Esther! She was a teenager who God used to change a nation. Although Esther’s life wasn’t easy, and she didn’t get to choose what had happened to her, when she saw people’s lives were in danger, she did what she knew God would want her to do.

She risked her life to rescue others. Through her story, we learn that God is always working to protect and rescue us, and that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things — like save the world. Because of who God is, we can take risks for others.


  • What’s something risky you did as a kid?
  • What’s one risky thing someone your age might do? Can you think of both a positive and a negative example?
  • Have you ever seen someone doing something risky to help someone else? What happened?
  • Why do you think Esther decided to risk her safety for the benefit of others?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where you had to choose between protecting yourself and helping others? What happened?
  • Why do you think more people don’t take risks to help each other? What prevents you from taking more risks to help others?
  • When we have to make a big decision like Esther did, how do we know when to act and when to wait for God to give us more direction?
  • Read John 15:12-13. When you take a risk to help someone else, what might that reveal about your relationship with God?
  • What’s one new or interesting thing you noticed about God today? If that’s true about God, what’s true about you?