Sermon-Based Small Group

Title: Evidence

Theme:  Exhibit A: What Does it Mean to be Saved?

Get to Know Me: As you grow older, what is one quality you hope to retain (besides a sound mind)?

Into the Bible Questions:

  • Ephesians 1:3-14
  • How do you think God’s predestination works?  Does this mean that some people have no chance to be saved? Why or why not?
  • According to this passage, list what happens to those who receive salvation.
  • Who makes known to us God’s will?  How does He reveal things to you?

“We are saved by faith without works, but not by a faith that is without works.” 

Salvation is totally of God, apart from any human works or merit.

Galatians 2:14-16, Romans 4:18-25, Romans 5:15-19

  • How is a person justified before God?
  • What does justification mean to you?
  • How does Christ’s death and resurrection justify us before our Heavenly Father?
  • How did you come to realize that you needed a Savior?

God’s gift of salvation is received through faith alone. 

Romans 10:1-13

  • In what ways is our society like the Jewish culture in this text?  In what ways are we different?
  • According to this text, how is a person saved?
  • Tell of a time when you trusted Jesus and were not disappointed.

Salvation results in a life of good works. 

Galatians 2:15-16, James 2:14-17

  • What’s the difference between these two scriptures?
  • Is the Bible contradicting itself?  Why or why not?
  • Give a personal example of how faith and works operate in your own life.


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