Unbelief is when you make up your own mind about what God can and can’t do or what God won’t do and how He does and doesn’t operate. Unbelief finds its own methods for accomplishing God’s business — both corporately and personally. As we grow in our willingness to hear God’s voice and carry out Jesus-type ministry, we’re challenged to face areas in which we’ve not had previous experience.

We look at our own psychological and emotional resources and realize that they are inadequate for the demands of life. So we begin to see this enormous gap of what we can do in our own strength versus what we can do in the Holy Spirit. That gap is bridged when we step out in faith knowing that God is going to take care of issues. So, increased faith is one thing that will help you overcome the obstacle [stronghold] of unbelief.

Beloved reader, if you’ll get a pencil and a piece of paper to take the assessment below. For each statement that applies to you, please make a check mark.

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Now, you can talley your check marks.

If you have 1 – 4 checks, you’re in the low percentile.

If you have 5 – 10 checks, you’re in the 50% percentile.

If you have 11 – 16 checks, you’re moving into some issues with the stronghold of unbelief.

If you have 17 – 21 checks, you are very much operating in the stronghold of unbelief.


Remember, as your faith grows, doubt and unbelief will be overcome. How does your faith grow Beloved? By the hearing of The Word of God. For more help on this subject please contact one of our pastors by calling 570-459-2410 or email at [email protected]


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