Registrations Tutorial

To create a new event sign up:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Login” (top right)
  3. On the top left where it says home, click the dropdown arrow, then go to “registrations”
  4. On the top right, click “New Signup”
  5. Enter the Date(s) and time for your event
  6. Select an option:
    • Detailed: to collect specific info about the people signing up
    • Simple: to just see the number of people attending
    • None: if your event doesn’t need people to signup
  7. Name your event
  8. In the Description block, click “edit” and enter information about your event
  9. In the Image block, click “edit” to add an image. (If you need me to create a graphic for your event please request one at [email protected])
  10. Near the bottom, set the Location of your event.
  11. On the left, click “Settings”
  12. In the “Visibility on Church Center” block, make sure to select “Now”
  13. Then set the date your event should be automatically hidden.
    • (This makes your event appear on the website and app)
  14. If needed, on the bottom in the “Notification List” block you can add the emails of people you want to be notified whenever there is a signup.

If you have any questions please let me know!


9:00 AM/11:00 AM


34 Fox Manor Rd.

Hazle-township, PA 18202


11:00 AM


34 Fox Manor Rd.

Hazle-township, PA 18202


10:00 AM/ 6:00 PM


202 Carbon St.

Weatherly, PA 18255


10:00 AM


220 Middle Rd.

Nanticoke, PA 18634


6:00 PM


103 E Grant St.

McAdoo, PA 18237