Title: Evidence

Theme:  Exhibit B: A Relationship.

Get to Know Me: What is one spiritual tradition you have or always have wanted to have in your life or family?

Into the Bible Questions:

Romans 3:19-31

  • What does the word “Law” mean?
  • What is the purpose of the “Law” in this passage?
  • What are the distinctions between people who live by the Law and those who live by faith?
  • How would you describe your faith; works based? Relational based? Combo?

Salvation isn’t Earned Through Religion

Romans 4:1-12

  • What are some types of religious rituals that people do today, thinking they will earn eternal life?
  • What was the significance of Abraham being circumcised? (Genesis 17)
  • What modern day ordinance do we practice that reflects the nature of spiritual circumcision?

Salvation is Through Knowing Christ

John 17:1-5

  • What was the purpose of Jesus coming to Earth?
  • Describe how you have experienced God in your relationship with Him.
  • What’s the difference in knowing something about someone as opposed to knowing them?  What has hindered you from knowing Christ more deeply?

How Can I Know Christ Better?

Psalm 119:41-48; Ephesians 6:13-20

  • How has God’s Word helped you know Christ better?
  • Share what your quiet time before the Lord looks like.
  • What spiritual weapons are at our disposal according to Ephesians 6?
  • How do you hear God’s voice?


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