Theme: The Heart Issue of Money.

Get to Know Me:
What is the most unique thing you have every ordered online or had to go shopping to find?

Into the Bible Questions:

  • 2 Corinthians 9:6-15
  • Tell of a time you where you felt led to give? How did you feel afterwards?
  • Tell of a time where you regret not giving? How did you feel afterwards?
  • Why do you think our attitude matters when it comes to giving?
  • What are the benefits of being a giver?

Giving makes you resemble God

  • Psalm 84:11, James 1:17
  • According to these texts, what is God’s nature like?
  • List some of the ways/things that God has given unto you?
  • Does your giving exemplify God’s giving? In which ways does it or doesn’t it?

Giving is an act of Worship

  • Luke 12:22-34
  • How can you tell where your heart is when it comes to giving?
  • How does being sacrificial make you feel when it comes to giving to charity?
  • If you saw giving as an act of worship, how would it change the way you give?

Giving Blesses you in Return

  • Acts 20:32-35
  • How do you keep yourself from coveting what others have?
  • How do you maintain a healthy perspective on money?
  • How do you decide what to give or when to give?
  • Tell of a time where you saw an immediate return on your giving.


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