Hey guys!

I wanted to let you know that our Tacky Christmas Sweater Party will be postponed until January 6th due to weather conditions. Stay safe and warm!

You may be interested to check out this recap of our lesson last week:

Hey, do you like stories about the supernatural? I don’t mean ghosts. I mean stories of the times when God
has shown up here on earth in miraculous ways. There’s a guy in the Bible named Elijah who had quite a few
of these stories. He was a prophet who not only saw God do supernatural things, but was often used by God
to do them. You might think seeing God regularly perform huge, amazing, powerful miracles (like shooting
fire out of the sky) would fill Elijah with confidence, courage, and faith for whatever God asked him to do,
but… sometimes it didn’t. When life got really difficult, Elijah once got tired and afraid. But God never left
him. If you’re facing a challenge right now that’s left you feeling overwhelmed, tired, or scared, here’s what
Elijah’s story shows us: God is both powerful and gentle. God is good. And God is with us. And because of
who God is, we can do difficult things.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Dec 23– no Wednesday night services
  • Dec 30– Crossover Among Us Event at the Hazleton Campus, 6-9PM.
  • Crossover Winter Retreat– We will hopefully still be having a winter retreat near the end of January (possibly 25th-26th), pending Covid restrictions. The cost is usually around $100 and is an over night trip.
  • Fine Arts– I recently got word that as of now we are going to be having our sectional Fine Arts event as normal. Districts may look different. The current dates for Fine Arts are:
    • FESTIVAL – FEBRUARY 20, 2021
    • All creative writing, short film, mini-saga, and promo video must be sent by January 21 to be accepted for the festival.
    • Click here to see the 2021 Fine Arts Rulebook

Fine Arts is an event for students in 7th-12th grade designed to help them discover, developed, and deploy their gifts. There are many categories for students to participate in, from singing, drama, band, sermon writing, and more.

2021 NFAF Changes:

  • Many divisions and categories have had rule changes. See the 2021 NFAF Rule Book (Pages 9-12) for these changes, and the individual division and category rules for details.
  • In the past scores of Excellent and Superior, 31 and above were eligible to move from the sectional to the district festival. This year, scoring at the sectional festival will mirror scoring at the district festival. A presentation will need to score Superior, 36 or above to move on. This scoring change will help the students see where their presentation can be improved without the nuance of different scoring structures between festivals.

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If you want to join the Crossover email list, click here: https://faithag.churchcenter.com/people/forms/198707

The Crossover Facebook and Instagram handle is @CrossoverYouthAG.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.

~Pastor Dj


9:00 AM/ 11:00 AM


34 Fox Manor Rd.

Hazle-township, PA 18202


10:00 AM


4 Rittenhouse Pl

Drums, PA 18222


10:00 AM/ 6:00 PM


202 Carbon St.

Weatherly, PA 18255


10:00 AM


220 Middle Rd.

Nanticoke, PA 18634