We’re continuing on this week in our Christian Sexuality series by addressing what might be the most contentious, volatile, and debated topic of our series: transgender identities.

A lot of time, thought, and prayer has gone into this lesson, and our greatest prayer is that Jesus would be honored in this week’s discussion. 

I’m going to assume that our parents hold a diverse range of views on this topic, so I want to be super upfront and honest about the nature of our upcoming conversation. I want to reaffirm to you three passions in my heart, which I carry with me into this conversation. One, I want to understand, believe, and follow what the Bible says—in this case, what it says about human nature and our male and female bodies. Two, I want to “love my neighbor as myself,” especially those who might have experienced rejection and ridicule from the church (and in my experience, many trans*-identified people would fit into this category). Three, I want to grow in my understanding of the conversation about trans* people, trans* identities, and what God thinks about it all. I don’t promise to have it all figured out, but I can commit to you that I am pursuing knowledge and wisdom in this area so that I can honor Christ and love people more. 

If you have any questions about how we’re going to engage this topic (or any other topic), please don’t hesitate to ask! 

If you’ve not already reviewed this week’s materials, please be sure to do so:

1.    Click here ( to log back into the Christian Sexuality portal. Choose session #8 with the title “Transgender Identities.”

2.    Watch the mentor video for this week.

3.    Watch the student video for this week.

4.    Read the “Parent Guide” for this week. 

5.    Pray for your time and conversation with your teen this week.

If you don’t have a login, please let me know.


If you haven’t heard, NXT-LVL is a small group for students who want to go deeper in their faith. There we take time in an open dialogue formate to press into the Bible and ask the hard questions. My passion and goal for this group is to increase Biblical Literacy, helping students to really own their faith and feel confident they can read the Bible and hear from God on their own.

  • We neet every-other Tuesday at 5:30 PM. Our next meeting is on July 5th.


There will be no Crossover as we will be joining to help with our church’s Summer outreach. Please encourage your students to help serve!


Join us as we play multiple games where we will be throwing nontoxic paint at each other! Bring some goggles and a white shirt!


We are putting together a Bible Quiz team for this year!

 Bible Quiz is a ministry of the Assemblies of God National Youth Department and is similar to quick-recall academic games (like Jeopardy or the old television show College Bowl). Two teams of quizzers each face a series of twenty questions with varying difficulty. The first quizzer to buzz in and answer the question correctly gains points for their team.

Cost to register for 2022-2023 season: $80


  • OCTOBER 15, 2022: MEET #1
    • 1 & 2 Thess  –  136 vs
  • DECEMBER 3, 2022: MEET #2
    • 1 Timothy  – 113 vs
  • JANUARY 7, 2023: MEET #3
    • 2 Timothy  –  83 vs           
  • FEBRUARY 25, 2023: MEET #4  
    • Titus  –  46 vs
  • MARCH 18, 2023: NETWORK FINALS    
  • MAY 2023: NE REGIONAL FINALS                                                       
  • July 1-7, 2023: NATIONAL FINALS   


9:00 AM/11:00 AM


34 Fox Manor Rd.

Hazle-township, PA 18202


10:00 AM/ 6:00 PM


202 Carbon St.

Weatherly, PA 18255


10:00 AM


220 Middle Rd.

Nanticoke, PA 18634


6:00 PM


120 East Washington St.

McAdoo, PA 18237