Crossover- Follow up to Session 5

The topic was on Singleness- how true satisfaction can only be found in Christ. We talked about how no romantic partner can ever be the ultimate source of our happiness, cause they are imperfect people just like us- and will fail. But God never will!
In the video for session 5 one of the speakers, Greg Coles, had the title of “Author of Single, Gay, Christian.” This session did not touch on this topic, but a future session will dive into it more. I’ve heard a few questions regarding Greg’s title and so I thought I would add some context, even though we will discuss LGBTQ questions at a later time.

Dr. Greg Coles PhD. has written a book entitled “Single, Gay, Christian: A Personal Journey of Faith and Sexual Identity” in which he tells his personal testimony, and how that involves him living in a God-honoring way in spite of temptations or same-sex attractions.

To be sure; Greg holds a traditional Christian and Biblical view on sex- as something God intends for only a married man and woman.
Greg simply shares how he chooses to follow Jesus in spite of temptations, something we are all called to do.

I have watched his full interview on Youtube and in it, he very articulately makes this clear. Some key takeaways from the video are:

  • The term “gay” can describe the experience of attraction to the same sex OR the lifestyle choice. The two are separate.
  • Temptation itself is not a sin, even Jesus was tempted
  • If it moves into lust or behavior, then it has entered the realm of sin
  • We don’t make choices to experience temptation, but we do get to make choices about whether or not we will follow Jesus

This is actually a great topic to discuss and think about because it moves us to understand people who may see the world differently than we do. LGBTQ is a hot topic these days, and we as Christians need to be all the more educated. Educated on what the Bible really says, and educated on where people are at so we can effectively communicate the Gospel to them. These are the topics that are being discussed anyway, so it is important we understand them enough to give an answer for the hope that we have.

Here is a great 5-minute video that does an awesome job of talking about this subject:


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