Evidence. Exhibit F: The Witness.

 Sermon-Based Small Group Title: Evidence. Exhibit F: The Witness. Theme:  Personal Evangelism. Get to Know Me: Where did you go to find adventure as a kid? Into the Bible Questions: Acts 8:1-12 Why do you think this persecution motivated the church to share...

Evidence. Exhibit E: Change.

Theme:  The Transformation of a Believer’s Life. Get to Know Me: What is a hard-learned lesson from your life? Into the Bible Questions: John 3:16-21 Describe how God’s love has changed your life.If God loves us so much, why would we have to reveal our shameful...

Evidence. Exhibit D: Your Generosity.

Theme: The Heart Issue of Money. Get to Know Me: What is the most unique thing you have every ordered online or had to go shopping to find? Into the Bible Questions: 2 Corinthians 9:6-15Tell of a time you where you felt led to give? How did you feel afterwards?Tell of...


 Sermon-Based Small Group Title: Missions Theme:  How to live a Missional Life. Get to Know Me: What attribute do you most value in a friend? Into the Bible Questions: Matthew 28:16-20 What is the process of someone who is an unbeliever to becoming a fully...


Title: Evidence Theme:  Exhibit B: A Relationship. Get to Know Me: What is one spiritual tradition you have or always have wanted to have in your life or family? Into the Bible Questions: Romans 3:19-31 What does the word “Law” mean?What is the purpose of the...


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