Is Jesus God?

Is Jesus God? The whole world is divided over that question. Was Jesus a good man, a prophet, or God? How we answer that question changes everything. It will reflect how we think, how we live, and ultimately how we relate to God. Did Jesus Actually Exist? Before...

Discipleship 101

COURSE: DISCIPLESHIP 101 In Matthew 28, Jesus commanded His followers to go and make disciples. From those 11 apostles grew a movement, a church with nearly 2 billion adherents worldwide. But Jesus didn’t command the apostles to go and make converts, go and...

What is the Trinity?

What is the Trinity? Do Christians have one God or three? How can God be three in one? Are all members of the Trinity equal? Where did the Word Trinity Come From? While you will not read the word “Trinity” in the Bible, you will find the concept all over,...

Who is God?

Who is God? The word “God” can mean a lot of alternative things to a lot of different people. Say “god” to a Hindu, and they would reply, “Which one?” To someone with New Age beliefs, “god” is just a force in the...


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