Crossover 2024 Updates

Hey guys! we have a lot of exciting things coming up this year that I wanted to make you aware of!

6:30 & Food

The biggest change this year is the official start time of Crossover will be moved to 6:30, and we will be providing food to students!

Youth events that provide food are the most attractional, and provide the best opportunities to make new disciples. This year we are going to try out a model of ministry that can include this. There is no time within the already tight Crossover schedule (game,worship,message,small groups), so we had to add a half hour in the beginning. We recognize this may not be a possibility for all students, but many are here at 6:30 anyway, and it was the only way it works.

BEFORE this can be a reality though, we need help creating a new rotating weekly Crossover food team.

Someone who one Wednesday a month would be responsible to:
  1. 6PM Prep: Pick up Wise Party Pizzas that I order (they are huge, and affordable), make ice tea/lemonade mix.
  2. 6:30PM Serve
  3. 6:50PM Clean up. 

Also: someone to oversee this scheduling. This leads into our next big change:

Crossover Partners

At Crossover we have an awesome team of leaders who serve every Wednesday, and even go out of their way to help at extra events and trips away. However, sometimes we do events that require a bit more help to pull off. Like our Winter Retreat, which went AWESOME, we had many people step up to fill time slots and be apart of that event. We could not have done it with out you guys!

So as part of the Crossover team we want to create a running list of "Crossover Partners", people who say yes I would love to help out at extra stand alone events. (For example: Wingdew, Over-nighters, Bonfires, Paint War, and more.)

Not only is this a great benefit to the students, and help to the rest of the Crossover team, but it shows students the church in action and helps us all take on the mantle of disciplining the next generation. We would like to especially ask parents who have students in Crossover youth to sign up to be apart of this list, because ultimately you are the most influential disciple maker your student has!

The most immediate need would be getting a team together for the above 6:30 and food change. Click the button below to sign up to be on the list!

Crossover Communication

Starting today, the primary means of Crossover information will be through the Church App. There is now a chat group for Crossover Students, and for Crossover Parents.

This provides an easy way for our team to relate important info, upcoming events,schedule changes, or so on. It also provides a safe place for students to interact with one another. This is also a viable long term solution, as we are currently limited with how many people we can have on Remind. (The old communication system).

Joining the group

On your app, click the message icon in the top right.
Then click discover, and select the group you want to join.
Click here to join the group on the web:

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