REAL Faith Takes RISKS

Watch the sermon here: Have you ever played Risk? Risk is a board game about global domination. It’s about raising an army and taking over the world. It’s one of my all-time favorite board games. In high school, my friends and I used to play it every...

Is Jesus God?

Is Jesus God? The whole world is divided over that question. Was Jesus a good man, a prophet, or God? How we answer that question changes everything. It will reflect how we think, how we live, and ultimately how we relate to God. Did Jesus Actually Exist? Before...

The Real Victory Comes Through Prayer

We are in the middle of our series “For the Win,” which is about winning in spiritual warfare. Too long have Christians walked around defeated, depressed, and anxious. Jesus said He came so that we could have life abundantly. Where is that abundance? Well,...

What is the Trinity?

What is the Trinity? Do Christians have one God or three? How can God be three in one? Are all members of the Trinity equal? Where did the Word Trinity Come From? While you will not read the word “Trinity” in the Bible, you will find the concept all over,...

Winning the Battle for Your Mind

Sermon preached by Donald J. Galade at Faith Church Hazleton on 1/29/23. Adapted from “Winning the Battle for Your Mind” by Brandon A Cox Today we are talking about the battle that happens in your mind, and I am very excited to get to share with you on...


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