Wednesday Men’s Thought


I remember growing up I always felt my dad was good…we had an incredible yard…fenced in with a pool and he had a 10 stall garage…he had cars bikes motorcycles…we had a big old tree with a rope swing…

Do these things help you to be a good dad?

My father was fun, he loved cars, camping, he was adventurous, crazy, risk taking, always smiling, and a workaholic.

He never wanted to tell me no…he would buy me stuff just because and he let me do whatever I wanted…whenever I wanted…

By most people’s definition my dad was a good man…He worked hard and cared about his family and always provided a good home…

 Is that what a good man does, going to work…caring about his wife and kids and providing for their needs?

There were many role models growing up on tv and in life….did you have a role model that taught you what it meant to be a man?


Being a man meant you had to be strong, fearless, dominant, assertive, and independent…did you measure up to this show of manhood?

Growing up I think we all wanted to be tough macho guys…strong like those guys in the movies…did you feel like that?

Online it says a good man is someone who cares about his family, someone who cares about themselves and others around him.

He is someone who is capable of love and will stick up for what is right even if others disagree…

Does this sound like your idea of a good man?

The first man (Adam) was created in God’s image.  He was assigned specific responsibilities as a steward of God’s creation.  He was created to be in a relationship with the Lord, to think and act in conformity to His character. He was also created to be in a relationship with a woman, who was equally made in God’s image

Do you believe the world has many worthless men…? Do you see yourself as having worth?

Psychology today says a modern man is confused about what he needs to be…

They go on to say that men only think of two basic things…

Can I procreate with that? And is that person a threat?

Do you believe that?

Men today are more than ever before lost, hopeless, and angry…

Depression, anxiety, suicide and senseless violence grow in our society…

Do you ever experience any of these feelings? Do you relate to these statements?

A man is not his job…what you do for a living does not make you a man…even if you are a firefighter…or even street fighting champion it does not make you a man…

A man is not a feeling…whether you feel like a man or not, does not determine if you are a man…how you feel about being a man does not define your manhood…being a man is not a feeling…

A man is not a woman…we are different not just physically…we are built different on purpose…men are not women…

A man is not an animal…man is the last thing God created…God created man separate from the animal world. Man, as distinct from animals, is made in the image and likeness of God. What distinguishes man from animal must therefore be a part of His reflection of God.

Men’s identity has been lost…The masculine traits once owned by men, are now shared by all. Women are now able to meet many of these traditional needs themselves.

This threatens many men because it opposes how they have been told to define themselves. If they’re not the one fulfilling the masculine traits then they feel emasculated…

Do you ever feel emasculated? Why?

The world still wants men who are masculine now more than ever. Men with strength, honor and integrity who can lead and stand up for what they believe in. The difference is that the world also wants men who embody feminine traits: compassion, empathy, vulnerability and patience.

 Do you think men have been defined by who people say they are?

Who defines you?

The worlds definition of a man in not without its virtues….

But even with all the positive aspects we see in the world many men are still lost and broken…angry and without hope more than ever….

Why do you think this is? Do you ever feel like that?

Maybe you are a good man…you love your family and you work hard and you care about others…you are good…

In Mark 10:18 Jesus said no one is good except God alone…

Jesus is talking about our heart condition…He exposes the sin in these verses of trying to live this life apart from God…by following the rules…being good…

This is where we get stuck…when we cant see our own badness we wont see the need for God’s goodness…

What are your thoughts about being a man?




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