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A vision was given to our pastor for our church. 
It was a look into our future, an investment into our church family, a glimpse of what’s next. Together, we decided to embrace it.

We have officially launched our building campaign, the 20/20 Vision.


We have had our first official meeting with our Interior Designer! We have hired a wonderful professional to help us create a unified, long-lasting, cohesive style throughout our church building. It is such an exciting time as we look forward to this new phase!

We have also purchased our new Audio / Visual Equipment and it is being manufactured RIGHT NOW! This includes new sound equipment and new lighting for the sanctuary.  


Let there be (new) LIGHTing!

Last week Illuminated Integration finished the new lighting fixture install, and we used them for the first time this past Sunday. Of course, they still need some tweaking, but over all they have been a vast improvement to our morning services. They increase the dynamics of the room, as well as draw attention and focus to the stage. Also, the improvement to the streaming quality because of lighting is invaluable.

This week the company will finish the installation of a new sound system in our sanctuary. Our previous system has served us well for over 20 years, but was due for a replacement. These new speakers will not only improve the sound quality of our sanctuary, but should allow us to get more even sound across the room, helping to negate the fact that some parts of the room are louder or quieter than others.

We are grateful for your participation with us as we pursue the worship of God through excellence. We desire to do our very best to create engaging dynamic services that give people the opportunity to connect to God. We eagerly expect the increase in our production level to help us to connect many new people to the message of the Gospel. We ask that you continue to pray with us as we move forward in what God has for us!

MARCH 2019

MARCHing into new projects!

On Thursday, February 28, we SIGNED the LOAN paperwork! It now feels very real that some very big changes and projects will be happening at Faith Church! We have been so incredibly blessed by your faithful giving and as a result, we have been able to do everything up until this point OUT OF POCKET!
We are humbled by your outpouring of support for these renovations and upgrades for your church. Thank you!

This has certainly been a productive month of planning and preparing! On Tuesday, March 5, the design team met with Deb Stone, our Interior Designer, as she shared ideas and boards with us. We are carefully and prayerfully considering our options. It is so exciting to prepare our church for the next generations.

In outdoor project news, we are planning to start concrete work in April, weather permitting.



Have you heard the news?
We have an app!

In the App Store or Google Play, search for “Church Center App” and you’ll see the icon above. Download the app and you’ll be prompted to sign up using your phone number. From there, use our zip code (18202) to find Faith Church!


Your way to stay connected!

Family Pre-Check

  • Feel rushed? You can speed up the check-in process by starting before you even arrive.
  • You can pre-select all the members of your household that you want to check in for an event.
  • When you arrive, you can scan your phone at a check-in station and receive your labels.

Simplified Giving

  • Makes giving easy for both spontaneous and recurring donations.
  • You can give instantly using your debit or credit card.
  • You can manage your recurring donations and payment methods, as well as view your donation history.

Personal Profile Management

  • Keep your profile up-to-date by managing it yourself – update your address, phone number, etc.
  • You can see all your existing profile information including event registrations, giving history, and contact information.

Easy Event Signups

  • A new way to discover and sign up for upcoming events across our church.
  • You can explore by scrolling through the events page or sorting by category.
  • When you find an event you want to attend, you can register and pay right then and there!

APRIL 2019


We are so excited to announce that concrete work for our walkways will begin in a little over a week! This will be the kickoff to our outdoor projects for 20/20 Vision. 

MAY 2019

Paving the way for Faith!

We are so excited to have BRAND NEW sidewalks at our front and side entrances! They are beautiful and will certainly contribute to a great first impression for our guests. Next project – paving the parking lot!
Our front entrance with a new landing space outside of the front doors, along with an extended sidewalk. We also removed the crumbling half-wall and have installed a new stainless steel handrail that’ll last for years and years to come!


A new walkway in-between our garage and main building, along a new door on the garage! 

New sidewalks around and leading to our handicap entrance!

** Another exciting announcement! **
We have placed the order for our new sanctuary chairs! They will arrive by the end of June. So many amazing things happening as we continue working through the 20/20 Vision projects!

JUNE 2019

Goodbye Potholes, Hello New Parking Lot!

As I’m sure you have noticed, we have a BRAND NEW parking lot! In addition to the beautiful, smooth new blacktop, we have freshly painted lines and SIX handicap parking spaces! There are three near the handicap entrance, two in the front of the building, and one near the Family Life Center doors.

We are waiting on the weather to cooperate to complete the handicap area, but we are hopeful that it will all be done by next week.

JULY 2019

Come Inside, Have a Seat!

Our church is starting to look DIFFERENT! 

From the moment you pull in the parking lot, you can see the improvements. Fresh pavement, new walkways, new lighting, and now… NEW CHAIRS! 

We are so excited to tell you that our beloved pews, that so many of us have spent so much time with, were loaded onto a truck two weeks ago by a local church in the Hazleton area and they will continue to be a blessing to another congregation at their facility! 

We have heard all positive reviews of our new chairs! We are so glad you’re comfortable and enjoy them. Please bear with us as we configure the new seating. It is a learning process! Thanks for your patience.


Come & Knock on our Door
(or just use the push button!)

This year at Faith Church, we’ve been striving for positive changes to improve our facility. Everywhere you look you can see new items and new developments bursting through! It’s such an exciting time for us.

But there is one area that is very noticeably in need of repair.

It’s our handicap door. 

The door is no longer latching easily when pushed shut. On both the interior side and the exterior side, rust is rotting both the door and the frame.

We’ve done all we can do to maintain the door, repairing it often. Take a look at the photos to see the extent of the disrepair.

But that’s about to change.

Our new door has arrived, has been prepared, and is ready to be installed!

Not only will we have a brand new door and frame, but we will also have a wall mounted activation push button for easy entry.

We want make Faith Church easily accessible for all people!

The door will be installed very soon!


Do you know the importance of a first impression
Whether its an interview, meeting a new friend, or going to check out a potential home, the first impressions matter. 

We want to make a great first impression with seekers and first time visitors. We want to introduce them to a loving God in a welcoming environment. 

Our Interior Designer has been patiently assisting us with samples and ideas for our foyer and sanctuary paint & flooring. We have used her expertise and recommendations to make our final selections. The design team and board has signed off and we have placed the orders! 


This will be an exciting month for our church! The designs are in and the materials are ordered, this month the church will be getting painted and re-carpeted.

This will replace the old and worn-out carpeting in the sanctuary as well as giving it an updated look. 

Our goal is to create an atmosphere and a culture that is welcoming and accommodating for making those who we are trying to reach. To create a sense of professionalism necessary to retain guests.

The most important, and ultimately, the only thing that matters in church is the word of God. Second, is public worship, prayer, and community. This is the fundamental design and reason for the church’s existence. The gospel is by nature offensive to the natural mind. The conviction of sin is not a pleasant experience, but is the only way we come to saving grace.

We cannot change the gospel, it’s infallible. There are other things we can’t change, such as sociological ones as well as individuals’ personal experiences. Since there are already so many walls that keep people from Christ, we should do all in our power to not create any additional ones. As a church we should strive to remove whichever extra ones are possible.

Walls we have direct control over are the culture of our church. The way we function, our methods, present ourselves, and “feel”. This includes: the look of our building, our programming, the language we use in print and from the stage, our worship style, and our media presence or lack thereof. All these things are ultimately opinion-oriented, hold no truth or effect on eternal salvation, and are a matter of preference. They do not affect the message of salvation, neither increasing or decreasing it.

What they do effect though, is how it is received and perceived. We then as mature believers, with the express purpose and passion of reaching those far from God, should commit to creating a culture that is inclusive to those we are trying to reach. All the changes that have been happening have been in pursuit of this. Our desire is that all may know the goodness of God.


As I write this, the team is installing our carpet! Our big reveal will be on December 15th, so you won’t want to miss that! The painting is done, chairs are in, lighting and sound installed. After this month our 2020 sanctuary renovations will be complete! That leaves the foyer- more information to come!

During the carpet installation, we took time as a congregation to write scriptures on the floor, so our foundation literally and spiritually will be on the Word of God! Make sure to click here to check them out!

While working, the painters made multiple comments about our church. They mentioned how incredible it was to see so many young people, kids, and youth involved. And not only on Sundays, but other days of the week! Thank you all so much, not only for giving towards this project but being a part of our family and contributing to this testimony of what God is doing in our church!


Check out our new carpet!


Our Old Pews, In Their New Home!

La Gran Cosecha (The Great Harvest Church)


This past month the conference room update was finished. A new coat of paint and carpet to match! If you are going to the upcoming missions meeting you will get to check it out!


There have been many exciting upgrades already, and more to come!

We are moving forward with the foyer and cafe designs, with the plans reaching the final stages. We hope to create an inviting atmosphere of fellowship. In such a place relationships can form and discipleship will take place. Before someone can know God they need to know someone who does. Sometimes before someone can know God loves them, they need to be loved by someone else. This is our goal and desire.

MARCH 2020

You may have noticed a few changes in the foyer, namely the missing floor! Don’t worry though, it wasn’t stolen. The carpet has been removed and the tile is next, and then on March 10th our new floor gets put in!

Plans for the cafe are well underway, with construction already beginning! 

  • Kidsmin Area


To date, our amazing Faith Family have contributed:


towards our $450,000 building campaign!


9:00 AM/11:00 AM


34 Fox Manor Rd.

Hazle-township, PA 18202


10:00 AM/ 6:00 PM


202 Carbon St.

Weatherly, PA 18255


10:00 AM


220 Middle Rd.

Nanticoke, PA 18634


6:00 PM


120 East Washington St.

McAdoo, PA 18237